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Frank’s Champange Parlor and Oyster Bar

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I’ve walked by Frank’s Champagne Parlor and Oyster Bar a few times always wondering what it was like. From the out side it looked like a throw back to the 40s white leather bar chairs old time writing, and a curtain covering the bottom fourth of the window. The mystique and the name “champagne parlor” …..I was excited when I got a birthday invite to happy hour at Frank’s .

Once on the other side of the door, the 40’s mobster hangout turned into a fight between a 2009 loft and 40’s steak house.

The walls were planked with different shapes and sizes of wood, the chandelier was a dark metal with large round balls, yet the white wing-backed chairs and antique furniture seemed to fit.

The happy hour menu was a nice mix of cocktails and munchies. We had the steak sliders with a horseradish sauce, potato skins with fontina and white truffle salt and house chips with a feta dip. All were delightful for under $6.

The non-happy hour cocktails were just like the décor, a few comebacks from the past mixed with new and intriguing concoctions. I had a “high tea” made from earl grey tea, gin, honey, lemon served in a martini glass with a lemon rind twist….refreshing and delicious.

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