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How to Peel Garlic

Quick Garlic Peeling Technique
Peeling garlic can a bit tricky, but with the right technique is can be done quickly and easily.

Remove one clove from the head of garlic. how-to-peel-garlic (2 of 7)
Place the flat side of a wide knife on top of the clove (the blade should be horizontal and not facing up. how-to-peel-garlic (3 of 7)
With the palm of your had smash the knife in the garlic clove. how-to-peel-garlic (4 of 7)
Remove the knife and peel back the papery skin. how-to-peel-garlic (6 of 7)
Discard the skin.
Now you are ready to use your garlic.

how-to-peel-garlic (7 of 7)

How to Select the Best Clove of Garlic:

  • Tight Heads. You want to make sure that the heads of garlic are compact and held tightly together.
  • No Green Sprouts. Sprouting garlic is an indication that it is been there awhile, steer clear.
  • Firm When Squeezed. Make sure the clove of garlic is firm to ensure freshness.

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