Mr. Vinegar – Mouthwatering Handcrafted Vinegars

When my husband and I traveled to Sonoma a few years ago, we met a charming couple named Roger and Joyce from Hamilton, Ontario while wine tasting at one of the many fantastic wineries in Sonoma. After chatting with them about cooking and food while enjoying some spectacular wine, we learned that Roger was Mr. Vinegar and that he has a passion for creating high quality vinegars. After learning more about his vinegars and how he produces all of them himself using only the highest quality ingredients, he offered to give us a couple bottles of his finest Vinegars. I was in for a real treat when I got back to Seattle!

When we returned home, I began working Mr. Vinegars delicious vinegars into a couple of my recipes and was thrilled with what I tasted. Now I regularly use Mr. Vinegar’s Red Wine Vinegar in salad dressing, sautéed mushrooms and mouthwatering sliders. Mr. Vinegar’s vinegars are handcrafted and the quality truly shines through. They are so smooth with a great depth of flavor.

Here’s some information about Mr. Vinegar taken from their website:

Since 1994, Mr. Vinegar, has offered clients the taste and quality of bygone days before mass production. Each vinegar is fully fermented in it’s own acclimated fermenter, using 100% full static fermentation in small batches, with no infusions, no artificial ingredients, and no coloring or sulfites.

I recommend every pantry has at least a bottle or two on hand, you can order them online at Thanks Roger and Joyce!

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Sarah Lennox November 12, 2010 at 5:31 am

Just an FYI – the website for Mr. Vinegar is and not the .com version

Great article!



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