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Tasting @ Dry Fly Distillery

dry-fly-spokane-wa (5 of 5)Until last weekend, I had never been to a distillery but fortunately that all changed once I visited the Dry Fly Distillery in Spokane, WA. It turns out that Dry Fly is Washington’s first micro-distillery and was started by two Entrepreneurs Don and Kent.

Dry Fly is located near downtown Spokane, and they are a craft distillery creating their own line of vodka, gin and whiskey. All of the wheat and other botanicals used to create these liqours comes from Eastern Washington and Oregon and gives each liqour a unique flavor.

When we arrived, we noticed that the door was locked and a sign asked us to ring the doorbell and to ask if they can accommodate guests, so we did. What we didn’t know was that once you step into Dry Fly you’re stepping into a live distillery and they can only accommodate a small group of guests at one time.dry-fly-spokane-wa (2 of 5)

And a live distillery it was! There were a group of 8-10 volunteers bottling vodkas and you get to see the whole process from start to finish. Aside from the bottling that’s going on, you can’t help but notice the towering whiskey kegs stacked four high.

Dry Fly has a tasting table setup for you to taste each of their products. Unfortunately they were sold out of their whiskey, which is in high demand, but they had plenty of vodka and gin for us to taste. The tasting pours were generous and the lady helping us was very knowledgeable about their products.

The gin was unlike any gin I’ve ever tasted, it didn’t have that overly “piney” taste that is so often found in gins. This gin was very smooth and when combined with tonic water and a splash of lime would make for the perfect drink.

dry-fly-spokane-wa (3 of 5)The vodka was very smooth and could easily be enjoyed on the rocks. It had a hint of caramel, which comes from the wheat, not artificial flavoring. Dry Fly takes great care in removing byproducts of the fermentation process to ensure the vodka is smooth and doesn’t have that bitter “rubbing alcohol” flavor that are present with some vodkas.

Our visit to Dry Fly was fun and educational and I’d highly recommend it (if you’re 21+ that is) and you’re sure to come home in good spirits.


Dry Fly Headwaters
1003 E Trent # 200
Spokane, WA 99202
O: 509-489-2112

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