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Sushi Sandwiches

Sushi Sandwiches

This is Sushi your kids will love! Sandwiches re-invented, pressed and rolled into fun Sushi bites!


  • Sliced sandwich bread, with the crust cut off
  • Fillings:
  • turkey, sliced or cut into ¼ inch thick strips
  • ham, sliced or cut into ¼ inch thick strips
  • string cheese, cut lengthwise in half
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • red pepper, sliced thin
  • cucumber, sliced into ¼ inch thick strips


  1. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on a clean counter. Place a slice of bread on the plastic wrap.
  2. With a rolling pin and applying a bit of pressure, roll out the bread so it is as flat as possible.
  3. Layer about 3 of the fillings and mayo or mustard on closest 1/3 of the bread to you. Keeping the plastic wrap on the outside of the bread, tightly roll up the bread, “sushi style”. Squeeze the roll to seal.
  4. Cut into 4 equal slices.

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