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Must Haves for a Park Picnic

The sun is coming, I promise!  Here in Seattle you never quite know when the sun will shine so when it does you have to be ready.   Here are my must have things for a picnic at the park (or anywhere else for that matter).

1. A place to sit.- I love this half fleece half water proof blanket from LLBean.

2. Something to drink- Kids size Contigo water bottles with a spill proof lid (I don’t leave home without them).

3. Chilled food to snack on- I found this plastic food container with an ice divider, 2 small containers and 1 large container at TJ Maxx. You always want to make sure cold food stays cold.  I keep the ice pack in my freezer at all times so its always ready for me.

4. Boo Boo kit- its inevitable kids will fall, so I make sure to keep a small first aid kit with me. This travel one is from Target.

5. Keeping it all together- They have come out with some stinkin cute picnic coolers, this one is from TJ Maxx.  What is nice about this one vs a traditional basket is the insulation to keep your food colder.

6. Knowing who’s is who’s-  I put washable labels on our water bottles and food containers from Mabels Labels.com.  When my kids are at the park its hard enough to keep track of both of them, let alone their water bottles they leave who knows where.  These  are amazing labels you can customize with your name and phone number. They stay on through the dishwasher too!

So that’s it, now all I need is the food…….check out the website for some delicious picnic food.

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