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Father’s Day Gift Baskets

This year I wanted to make our gifts straight from the heart.  I came up with 3 baskets that any man would be happy with.  I did have my husband, dad and father-in-law in mind to inspire me.

I had my kids color on a sheet of labels and then I printed tittles on them to create the extra homemade touch.  (Avery label # 22806)

1.  Whiskey Infusion

I went to Fred Meyer and found this cool “vintage” looking box and drawer. Finding a cool “basket” is key.

Since Fireball is all the rage and my father-in-law is hot on the stuff,  I thought making my own cinnamon whiskey would be fun.  I also did a cherry whiskey, delicious with a splash of coke over ice.

Add a couple of rocks glasses and a shot glass and you have your self a party.








2. Saucy Grilling

At our house my husband and I share the grill so I thought a grilling basket would be a fun family basket.

The cedar wood planks are great for fish or chicken and the teriyaki and BBQ sauces are the perfect for both.

I also included a seasoning salt I use on burgers, chicken, steaks and potatoes.

To get the kids involved I had them color grilling utensils with sharpie paint pens and sealed them with modge podge.












3. Soups On

Again I found this basket at Fred Meyer.  I was looking for something homey and farmey.

This basket was inspired by my dad.  As a child he would always have a cup of soup and maybe a sandwich for lunch, with a blanket while watching an old time movie.  I made large batches of chicken noodle soup and chili with homemade croutons.

We went to a pottery painting place and I had both of my kids paint and put their hand prints on a mug for him to enjoy his soup out of.


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