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DIY Growth Board

I saw one of these at a playdate and thought it was such a cute idea.  The host said she got reclaimed wood and put a dark stain on it, I didn’t have the time to find reclaimed wood and prefer white so I got a board and all the rest of my supplies from Home Depot.   Choose any color or stain that works best for you,  just make sure your paint pen will show up on it.  This is also great if you don’t think you will be in your house for 18 years, its moveable!!

Here is how to make it.

1. Get your supplies: 1,  6″x6″ board- I just got mine from Home Depot












Paint or stain- I choose a chalk white to get more of an antique look










Tools- Drill with a philips head, level, pencil, paint brush, tape measure, sharpie paint pen, house numbers 1-6, sand paper or nail file, picture hook.














2. Paint your board












3. Sand the edges if you are going for a more antique look












4. Make foot and inch marks.- Hook your tape measure to the end of your board and with a pencil  in the center of your board make small marks every inch.













5. Drill your house numbers down.- Place the number 1 at the very bottom and drill in with screws.  At your 12 inch mark place the bottom of number 2 and repeat at every foot with the remaining numbers.  Use your level to make sure your numbers are straight.
















6. Mark you inches.- With your level and sharpie make a 1 inch line at each inch pencil mark.















7. Attach a a hook on the back to hang on the wall. Make sure your board hangs 1 foot off the ground to make the measurements correct.

8. Here is my finished growth board, how does yours “measure up” (LOL):)








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