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Guy’s Grocery Games

So excited to see Guy’s Grocery Games is now in season 2.  It was so fun being apart of the very first GGG show, nerve-racking and long hours but worth every second. Looks like this new season they re-did the set a little and changed the cooking stations, which is good because I totally ran into the set and broke a few things trying to maneuver my shopping cart on my money winning spree!  Guy was so nice and down-to-earth I wish he and the show continued success.














As for my winnings…. I was able to donate $4500.00 to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, with the money I was able to buy them a car full of cooking appliances and supplies and cook the women and children of hope place a steak and salmon dinner.  Another $4500.00 went to Worldwide Heart to Heart Ministries (a Christian Orphanage in Honduras). A big chunk to Uncle Sam and the rest a super comfy couch for my husbands “man cave” that with my donation has kind of turned into a “wo-man/kids” cave, but he is ok sharing!

Below is a photo of our group cooking at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, Hope Place

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